Why SEO?

Why SEO is important

SEO will help you get more customers

The amount of people online and getting onto the internet is growing larger every single day. It’s the primary way we keep in touch with each other, gain knowledge and even where we do our shopping. It’s a critical aspect for any business to go digital and get an online presence. But just because you get yourself an excellent eCommerce site up and running with feature-rich functionality doesn’t always mean that it will translate back to huge traffic and sales.

It will need various types of digital marketing so users can find your site and eventually make their purchases directly from there. One of these tools is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and is the most critical marketing you can do. So let’s dive a bit deeper into what this is and how it can help boost your business and skyrocket your sales.

Understanding the basics

Let’s look at what SEO means and how it can help your site gain traffic. Firstly it’s the type that it generates that is key and that is organic traffic. Organic traffic is known as site traffic for people that find your website and eCommerce site organically, via search engines or directly heading to your site address.

You’ve most likely heard of these search engines, such as Google or Bing. What SEO does is help bring your site up the ranking system related to the results from these search engine pages (SERPs). This means when someone searches for anything online and gets you as one of the top results on the first page.

For example, if you own a business that sells gym equipment, when someone goes into a search engine and looks for gym equipment, your site is optimised enough to be able to show up high on the SERP.

Looking at the benefits of a proper SEO strategy

You already know the first two plus points. First is the increased visibility on the SERP, which means that people are more likely to click on your site, which leads to more traffic. These are also highly engaged users as they are actively searching for related words to your business. Highly engaged users mean it’s easier to convert these leads into sales.

As more traffic comes to your site, then brand awareness happens. People become familiar with your site and share the information with others, which leads to more organic traffic beyond just search engines. This also means much more site credibility and trustworthiness, as this has a compounding positive effect on your eCommerce site.

Improve SEO

How Can I Improve My SEO?

There’s no silver bullet when it comes to a proper strategy for search engine optimisation. There are numerous tasks that need to be completed to ensure it’s suitable and relevant. It’s also something that takes time to be effective and those websites just starting out won’t see improvement until a few months down the line. Not only that but it needs to be done consistently, otherwise your SERP may start to falter down the line.

  • Keyword Research: This is where you start identifying the common keywords that are related to your website and business. These keywords will show up in every piece of content you have, from your static ‘about us’ page to every blog article that you post. You want to have the right balance of keywords and understand they need to be adjusted from time to time based on what’s trending. You want to also hardcode the keywords into your website via meta descriptions and meta-tagging, so when search engines look for your site, they can find you.
  • Optimising your website: You don’t just want a functional website, you need an optimised one. That means excellent website speed with a clean user experience that’s easy to navigate. You also want to have your site optimised for mobile as that is becoming more and more relevant these days. Things that typically slow down your website are large pieces of content that aren’t compressed and optimised such as images and video. How you name and tag these pieces of content can help with your SEO if using the right keywords.
  • Develop backlinks: As you start to have content developed at a rapid and consistent base, you’re aiming to have that content end up being authoritative, and what that means is that other sites will see your content and add a URL link back to your content, improving your domain authority. When this starts to happen, your SEO will see a significant boost which will help your website traffic.
  • You will always need content: Think of the content as a tap that needs to be turned on at all times. To become authoritative in the SEO sense you need to always produce content via blogs, videos or graphics and they need to be updated as well. Once a few years go by, the content will need a refresh. Otherwise, it will be considered stale and will either not help your SEO improve or, worse, penalise your ranking. The content needs to include your core keywords and needs to be relevant to your business. For example, you cannot write content about a pizza shop if you’re selling gym equipment, as they aren’t related. When people are searching for keywords on search engines, they tend to find your relevant content first, so it’s critical to ensure you’re always writing on the topic.

Our SEO Expertise

This sounds great – SEO must be expensive

That’s the beauty of SEO and working with the right type of experts to handle it, such as ourselves. SEO itself is actually the most cost-effective option. So many things can be done on your site even before producing any piece of content that will help with SEO.

There are also no marketing or advertising budgets that are needed either when you’re working on your SEO. As mentioned earlier, it will always tend to bring in a much better quality of site traffic of more interested individuals than those that would end up clicking on an advertisement and leaving the site soon after.

It’s an extremely powerful tool with the aim of generating more business for your site. Yet simply knowing what SEO is or trying to do it yourself with minimal experience will not provide you with a proper outcome.

How we can help

Not only are we dedicated to helping you get a sophisticated eCommerce site up and running for your business, but we’ll also include SEO for free! That means all the points we discussed and the extensive efforts and time needed to get SEO done just right is handled by us. Let us manage the heavy lifting with our expertise and you can focus on what’s most important and that’s your business and offering the best products and customer service possible.

We’ll develop a user friendly experience from day one and ensure you’ve got the right type of traffic coming to your site to enjoy that experience. This will ultimately lead to them buying something from your site. Whenever you’re ready to bring a new level of digital sophistication to your business feel free to reach out to us to explore your options.

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